Keeping your garage door in top condition is simply achieved and has multiple benefits. Not only will the garage door look great for longer, but it will also perform optimally for longer and you'll comply with the conditions of your warranty.

Without regular servicing and maintenance, your warranty could be void in the instance of a claim. Considering Dominator offers a 10 year, Total Confidence Warranty on most of our garage doors, it's worth ensuring you make the most of the benefits by following the warranty condition. Follow the five steps below to protect your garage door and importantly, ensure you have the door/s professionally serviced 12 months after purchase and then every two years subsequently. Should any problems arise, rely on the team at Dominator for your garage door repairs.

Identify the parts for maintenance


NB: Never attempt to fix garage door problems yourself. Never stand in the way of a moving garage door or attempt to stand under the door whilst it is in operation. Never attempt to adjust garage door springs. Always call a qualified garage door technician for repairs and servicing.

1. Test Door Balance

Here's how to check whether your door is operating optimally. First, ensure the door is lubricated (see step 1). Put the opener into Manual mode, then raise and lower the garage door by hand. The force required to open the door should match the force required to close it. If either seems out of balance, book a garage door technician to come and service the garage door and opener. We recommend performing this check every three to six months (more regularly in extreme environments or with heavy use).

Manually test your garage door every 2-3 months

2. Keep Moving Parts Lubricated

If you happen to notice your garage door squeaking or becoming louder when in use, it could be a sign to apply lubrication. We recommend lubricating the moving parts of your garage door every 2-3 months. With the garage door closed and in Manual mode apply a lithium-based grease or all-purpose machine oil on each garage door hinge as well as the door rollers and bearing plates. Lubricate the opener chain with Chain Lube (note that newer openers will have a belt rather than a chain). If plastic hinges are fitted, no lubrication is generally required, however silicon spray may be used if necessary. Wipe the springs with an oily rag.
Note: It's advisable to wear safety glasses when using lubricant spray, to protect your eyes from possible splashes. Have a rag at hand to wipe errant drips.
1. Hinges 2. Springs 3. Panels 4. Guide Tracks 5. Disengage rope / lever 6. Belt or chain

Lubricating and cleaning guide tracks3. Clean the Guide Tracks

Sectional door and rolling door guide tracks each require cleaning, with slightly different methods. For both Sectional and Rolling Garage Doors, clean the internal sections of the guide tracks with a cloth dampened with mineral turps or methylated spirits. For roller doors, take the further step of polishing the rails to achieve a smooth, dirt and moisture resistant surface, allowing the Nylofelt to glide easily.

DO NOT use grease or oil on the guide tracks. You don't want to lubricate the tracks but you do want to make sure that they are completely cleaned out for your door to operate correctly. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach high places.

4. Wash the garage door regularly

Washing your garage door is as simple as hosing it down while applying a soft sponge to remove dirt. We recommend you do this every few weeks and more often if you live close to the sea, near areas with industrial fallout or in areas of high geothermal activity. As a handy reminder, set yourself the task of cleaning the garage door when you notice the car needs cleaning.

w1440 q804Above, left: Clean the garage door as often as you would your car; Right: Regular services are a condition of your Dominator warranty. Image courtesy of Dominator Access Systems

5. Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Protect your investment in a quality garage door by maintaining its maintenance schedule! Regular servicing of your garage door is just as sensible as keeping your car serviced. Your Authorised Dominator Technician will ensure the spring tension is optimal, that nuts & bolts are tight and that the opener operates as it should. All of which helps avoid possible issues with your door and opener over the long term.
Dominator garage doors must be serviced within 12 months from installation and then at least every two years following. Regular servicing is integral to your Dominator warranty and in some instances, the warranty may be void if regular servicing has not been maintained.

Book your garage door service or send an enquiry for professional garage door repairs, with an Authorised Dominator Technician. Contact us here or you can also call us on 0800 366 462.

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